Olsen Movies

Tell me the truth. You have been a fan of the Olsen twins for years but only recently (three or four years ago) found out they had a younger sister. Ironically, now she’s the Hollywood star of the Olsen family. She just appeared in the Godzilla movie, she locked a role in the Avengers franchise and already filming her second movie of the franchise. But as it all started with the twins, I’ll start here too and list my favorite Olsen appearances:

Full House


Who doesn’t know it? As a kid, I watched it all the time. Back then TV was filed with similar shows. For example, Cheaper by the dozen, Home Improvement, 7th Heaven, Family Matters. But to me, Full house was always a little more special than the rest.

To Grandmother's House We Go


The first movie the Olsen twins appeared in was ‘To Grandmother's House We Go’ back in 1992. It’s a family comedy of two sisters who take up on adventure of visiting their grandmother. I’ve even recently showed it to my nieces and they loved it.

It Takes Two


It Takes Two, released in 1995, is probably my favorite movie of Olsen twins. Maybe in today’s standards it’s not particularly good but these are the movies from my childhood and back then, camp theme, an idea of identically looking strangers, master-planning of children was amazing. I’d definitely watch it again.



Going forward 20 years, Olsen’s younger sister takes the stage. Yes, she did quite a few movies before but never before something like this. 2014 was a big year because two of her blockbuster movies were released, both exceeding $200 million in profits. While Captain America: the Winter Soldier was bigger, Elizabeth role of Wanda Maximoff was not significant. However, in Godzilla she got a huge part next to Bryan Cranston. Aliquam congue fermentum nisl. Mauris accumsan nullael diam. Sed in lacus ut enim adipiscing aliquet. Donec eget tellus non erat lacinia fermentum. Donec in velit vel ipsum auctorulvinar. Proin ullamcorper urna et tibulum iaculis lacinia est.

Avengers: The Age of Ultron and Captain America


Now this is where it gets big. Same role of Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch but at the same time much bigger parts. I’m yet to see the latter but what I can tell from the trailers and other available content online, she’s done a pretty good job. I really hope she’s going to be a huge star in Hollywood.