Girls Power

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

As far as I can remember myself, I was always captivated stories of successful women, girls even. Girl power, as they say. Whether it me to the Olsen twins, or the other way around I can’t be certain but to this day, successful females, especially when they come in pairs, make me very happy.

Why pairs you may ask?

You know when a female becomes successful alone, lots of people start gossiping around her back?

Some may say she used the bed to get where she is now, some may call her a cutthroat bitch, etc. I don’t know them personally, so it’s hard to know the truth and I’m terrified by the idea of following someone who’s in reality is a bad person. However, when a pair of girls become successful, like the Olsen twins, you automatically assume they did it because they were a team, because they supported each other no matter what until they reached their goals. You might call me crazy but that’s the way I think.

But is it really crazy?

The concept of ‘girl power’ is not new. I can come up with endless stories in our history where a team of women can reach incredible things. And sure, there are exceptions like politics (basically, male-dominated industries) where you won’t hear about such ‘teams’, but there are many industries that have many stories like that. Here, I’ll give you a few examples.

Let’s start with the easiest one. Right now there is a show, Supergirl. It’s about Superman’s cousin living a similar life like her famous relative from planet Kripton. The closest people to Supergirl are her step-sister and her boss, media mogul played by the Calista Flockhart .

In the old days there were several animated series like the Power Puff Girls and movies like Charlie’s Angels . And think about TV series such as Game of Thrones that has so many strong female characters. There are even girl power-themed video games (Tomb Raider, Mirror’s Edge, UFC game with Ronda Roussey on the cover and slots at the casinos. Even though there are a ton of those, there are a couple I want to mention in particular. I remember when I recently visited an online casino and I saw the cutest game ever about twin sisters called Lucky Twins. There was also a Bridesmaides slot game based on the movie of the same title. Anyway, what I wanted to say is that together we are much stronger than individually and when we put our heads together, we can achieve anything. So, let’s keep together, help each other and never leave anyone behind.


Calista Flockhart

Supergirl show - it’s about Superman’s cousin living a similar life like her famous relative from planet Kripton.



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