I’ve been following the Olsen Twins career for over a decade and now, as their younger sister Elizabeth Olsen has become a huge actress ( Avengers: Age of Ultron, Godzilla, Captain America franchise) I think it’s the best time to create a dedicated website for Olsen sisters.

Not to exclude their brother, Trent Olsen. He has appeared in a few movies recently and hopefully, his acting career also blows up soon.

Personally, I adore Olsen sisters for many reasons and I’m sure you do too. Not only they have all achieved great success as actresses, the Olsen twins excel great in entrepreneurship and fashion. On numerous occasions they’ve been named among Forbes Top 100 Wealthiest celebrities bt what I love about them the most is contrary to today’s standards and trends, these girls never ever relied on scandals to earn fame. And you probably can think of many examples where huge child stars later lose their way. When you look at the Olsen sisters, you don’t see that. They have relied only on their skills and minds to achieve success and now are definitely among the world’s most influential women of all time. To me, they are true role models.

My name is Stephanie. At the moment I’m working alone on this website but I’ll do my best to post daily updates, post pictures and videos. There’s certainly a lot to cover: Elizabeth’s acting career, Mary Kate and Ashley’s clothing lines. And lots of more. On the site I’ll cover Olsen acting careers, fashion ventures and create a gallery of photos, videos and interviews whenever media will cover the Olsen sisters.

I hope you will enjoy the site and if you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know in the comments or via email. I really appreciate feedback.

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I’ll add here photos from everyday life of Olsen sisters, their fashion shows, photos from movie sets and more. The only thing I’m reluctant about is paparazzi photos because their rarely pretty and most often embarrassing, even though we ourselves could be caught in the same situations.

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Self-explanatory, really. Mary Cate and Ashley don’t work on movies for a couple of years now but their sister, Elizabeth is a rising star having featured in movies like Avengers Age of Ultron and Godzilla. I will add wallpapers from these new movies, old movies featuring the twins and every other high-resolution picture I find.

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Even though the twins took a break from Hollywood, they are both active in the fashion world. That means wide media coverage, interviews, etc. Everything of this sort will be posted in this category. Elizabeth Olsen does an interview with Refinery29 about Avengers, her sisters and more. Elizabeth Olsen an interview >>

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I don't know about you, but my girlfriends have been my girlfriends forever, and they're my sisters and my family.

-Elizabeth’s quotes-

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I hope you will enjoy the site and if you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know in the comments or via email. I really appreciate feedback.